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Watch this space

Oh dear me it’s been WAAAY too long since I posted. I might be getting some more free time, ominous work meeting about my crappy day job. Money’s not much but have been getting out of debt,  and the boss

Apologies for so few posts

Been very busy Sorry to anyone (is there anyone) who is a regular reader of this blog. I have a ton of articles lined up to write mostly about XRP radio’s Journey Through Genres album tracks. But for most of

A test of my SEO skills

Getting my new band website ranked Calling our new covers band “The Buzz” was always going to create a challenge, getting it to the front page of Google. Well I like a challenge so I have already got stuck in. Read

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Nice e-mail from Mac MacLaren

Thanks from Lemonrock editor I’ve been doing stuff in the music business for a long time now. Singing in covers bands, originals, and a Led Zeppelin tribute, trying to support unsigned bands and even sometimes acting as a promoter. In

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2014 an exciting year ahead

Looking forward to the new year already 2013 has been a bit of a rubbish year for me personally. Apart from the rapid growth of this blog from my first tentative posts in spring to the current level of over

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New Comments from real bands

Getting real feedback is the best thing Aah, it is such a thrill to open up my pending comments folder and discover that there are no less than FOUR genuine comments from real people today. True, I had to send a

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Tradedoubler V Adsense

Oh, just a quick one here. I implemented Tradedoubler ads for “iTunes”, and also “Gear 4 Music” around about the middle of September. Since that time I have earned the princely sum of £2.30 from click throughs on those programs.

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I am still utterly gobsmacked to hear that a friend has been offered an interview but they have to PAY the blog for this. Now, let’s get one thing straight; of course there are times when you will have to

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Would you like to write for this blog?

Got anything about unsigned music that you want to tell people about? If you fancy yourself as a writer, want to get your opinions heard by others then perhaps you would like to contribute articles to this blog. GUBIC currently