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Anti X-Factor Christmas songs

Why I am against the alternative Christmas No 1 campaigns Please don’t get me wrong, I despise X-Factor. I am still trying to put into words the reasons why it is so badly wrong, because there is almost nothing worse

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More anti-Christmas music

Official Video – Ben Tallamy Christmas Is A Sham (Elegy For Aled Jones) With happy, happy lines like “I will now drink myself into the joy of an alcoholic coma, the Great Escape is on TV, Oh my Lord we’re

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Anti-Christmas song

Prog Punk song with a message of errrmm LOVE? Da Mushrooms was a band formed with Joe Inkpen on lead guitar some years ago.  This track became a staple of every XRP radio show for years. It was always played

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More unsigned Christmas music

OK, got some more for yah. Here’s a couple of unsigned artists with very different takes on the Christmas theme.  The first is happy party time in a ska stylee. The second is melancholy, and dark, in a wonderful way.

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Christmas songs (a short list)

Not as many as I would like to tell you about You know how it is, even before December comes you are sick to death of Aled Jones, Jonah Lewie, and Slade. Even The Pogues, and The Waitresses wear a

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I haven’t posted an article for several days. Why? Because I hurt my ankle so it hurts to sit at the computer PLUS, I got some proper paid work. (advertising only pays for the hosting on this site at the

Forever Atlantis – experimental post hardcore from North Devon

I abandoned this article in favour of starting again if you read it you will understand why but I wouldn’t bother New article is here I fell off a ladder this morning (Wednesday 30th October) and twisted my ankle.  So

The Bloody Nerve | Official Website

Been recommended to check this out, by James C Hughes of Boardwalk Isabella The Bloody Nerve | Official Website.


TO DO It is high time I wrote an article about GUBIC winners Destination Destination.

The C46 mix tape game

You have 46 minutes to impress your friends with your superb musical taste If you are under a certain age then this may take a bit of explaining. 7th Sept (yesterday) was Cassette Store Day, an event which passed with

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