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… sod that; read this.

RIGHT, I was writing my first post in ages when……. It wasn’t going well. I’m sharing this computer with an eight year old girl who watches Barbie videos on YouTube. Not professional videos but videos of grown up women playing

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2014 an exciting year ahead

Looking forward to the new year already 2013 has been a bit of a rubbish year for me personally. Apart from the rapid growth of this blog from my first tentative posts in spring to the current level of over

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One Man Boycott

Bristol based pop punk with an alt folk flip side One Man Boycott is actually just one man. Joe Brewer, a singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist from Bristol. What’s the connection? I first heard of this artist as a result of

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Olli on the radio 15-12-13

Radio show on The Voice for Sunday 15th December 2013 I’ve not done this for a couple of recent shows and I regret it. It is nice to have a bit of a record of what I plan to talk about

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Julian Langer – a darker shade of folk

North Devon’s Julian Langer Folk with a bit of an edge. Not that Julian’s music is all sombre or moody but without a doubt there is depth to these tunes. Even on a track like “Penny” which has a rather

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Yazzy Chamberlain 3 Kisses

Album review I wrote about Yazzy Chamberlain previously, although not in much detail. I observed the interesting fact that here in North Devon we have at least two child prodigies (Kiera Osment being the other) both 14 year old girls,

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Scott Xander Linn – New official video release

Official video for “Six Feet Under The Bar” Scott Xander Linn, & The Broken Bottles, released this official video for their song “Six Feet Under The Bar” yesterday (12th November) I am strongly reminded of Bob Dylan, The Levellers, and

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Jax – Top tip for the top

If there was any justice in the world…. Well we all know there isn’t, but nevertheless, this is a lady who the A&R people ought to be fighting over. Jackie Gibbins “Jax” is a phenomenal talent, who is just set right

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Us – the band and Paul Gates

Introducing US – the band and singer Paul Gates I have known Paul Gates since not long after I moved to Ilfracombe. He was in one of the first bands I saw playing at The Chill Bar, at open mic

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Forever Atlantis – North Devon experimental post-hardcore

Introducing Forever Atlantis hard rockers from Devon One of many bands on the new unsigned compilation album “Good To Go – No Dramas“ that I reviewed previously. Forever Atlantis are one of three projects featuring Joe Hicks that have tracks

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