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6 Minutes to Sunrise

Introducing 6 Minutes to Sunrise Southampton Alt Rockers PLEASE NOTE : I first began this article before Christmas and have had a few more attempts to finish it since then. My attention span is variable. As a result some of

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Anti X-Factor Christmas songs

Why I am against the alternative Christmas No 1 campaigns Please don’t get me wrong, I despise X-Factor. I am still trying to put into words the reasons why it is so badly wrong, because there is almost nothing worse

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Spyplane update, new album, and bandcamp

One of Kent’s finest bands, Spyplane’s new release is “All That You Require” Oh get me… I bet nobody else thought of wording it like that. The title of the album is “All That You Require” so I made it

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Social media and music platforms

What sites do you need as an unsigned band? This is a very big subject and opinions differ wildly. However I am going to attempt to help a bit with some balanced and qualified opinions. This is most relevant to

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Empire Affair: classy alt-pop-indie band from Bournemouth

Great songs, AND proactive marketing Empire Affair have the right package. There have been innumerable brilliant bands that have failed to achieve any significant success, and there are many awful bands in the charts right now. Often the only difference

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The Hoax, blues band from Wiltshire

Heavy rocking blues from Devises, Wiltshire Now then; I have got to write about this band, if only because one of my friends has been going on about them non stop on Facebook for ages now. Every other post from Howard

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Sam Mayo and the Tuesday Syndicate – acoustic pop from North Devon

Introducing Sam Mayo and Tuesday Syndicate Another act at the Sunwest Festival on August bank holiday weekend  is local top folk/pop act Tuesday Syndicate, led by Sam Mayo. The band from Woolacombe are among the top bands in the region according

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Introducing Mango Factory from Bristol

Introducing Mango Factory Eight piece funk/soul/blues band from Bristol Sunwest is one of three festivals of music and real ale / real cider that take place in Ilfracombe at the Landmark Theatre. The festivals attract top quality acts from the

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Introducing Canyon Ryde – Country rock from way out west (well Devon anyway)

Introducing – Canyon Ryde Devon folk/rock with an American accent So, I’ve been doing this blog for a while now and attracting pretty impressive numbers of people to the site. Well over two thousand people will have read something here during

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Moulettes – Alt folk from Glastonbury England

Introducing Moulettes from Glastonbury Female led alternative folk with prog leanings It is often a daunting task to write these articles, when I discover a band that I really like, and then discover that the band has an extensive history

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