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Jaz Delorean (solo)

Jaz Delorean – the album The lead singer and pianist of Tankus The Henge, a prodigious talent, who can also be seen playing trombone and accordion in the band’s live sets, dressed in a battered hat and a variety of suits usually in

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Introducing Starseedz

Hertfordshire duo Starseedz Third of four artists who commented on this blog. I love getting genuine comments from real people, if only because there are always a hundred times more spam comments than genuine ones. Catrine commented on the “Unsigned

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Anti X-Factor Christmas songs

Why I am against the alternative Christmas No 1 campaigns Please don’t get me wrong, I despise X-Factor. I am still trying to put into words the reasons why it is so badly wrong, because there is almost nothing worse

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Bringing back the Christmas cheer

No Substitute by Destination There’s no substitute for a bit of festive cheer, and this offering from international duo “Destination” is upbeat and effervescent. It really is the other end of the spectrum from the last two I wrote about

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Anti-Christmas song

Prog Punk song with a message of errrmm LOVE? Da Mushrooms was a band formed with Joe Inkpen on lead guitar some years ago.  This track became a staple of every XRP radio show for years. It was always played

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Julian Langer – a darker shade of folk

North Devon’s Julian Langer Folk with a bit of an edge. Not that Julian’s music is all sombre or moody but without a doubt there is depth to these tunes. Even on a track like “Penny” which has a rather

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Creativity the vital ingredient

Doozer McDooze ~ Songs 4 U 2 ~ One of the best + most imaginative ideas I have ever come across. Seasoned readers will be familiar with Doozer McDooze, but for new readers, I first came across him when he

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Billy Brown – Charity Single for Teenage Cancer Trust

Cover of “Police And Thieves” set for release 25th November Links to download sites here Billy Brown, who I have written about before in this blog, is a tireless campaigner for unsigned musicians, and an all round good guy. So

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Jean Cabbie and the Secret Admirer Society

Rock band from Puerto Rico I half expected to hear Spanish lyrics, when I checked out this band, but of course Puerto Rico is an “unincorporated territory” of the U.S.A. Although of course the island was Spanish for about 400

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Forever Atlantis – North Devon experimental post-hardcore

Introducing Forever Atlantis hard rockers from Devon One of many bands on the new unsigned compilation album “Good To Go – No Dramas“ that I reviewed previously. Forever Atlantis are one of three projects featuring Joe Hicks that have tracks

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