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Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

This week I am double tracking various artists and running a competition with a prize.

Also got some great news for you about the North Devon Gigathon which I was promoting last week.

But let’s get the weather out the way before we go any further.

Weather for North Devon

Issued at: 4.00 am today

The rest of today

Cloudy across the region with an 80% chance of rain.
It’s going to be heavy at times, particularly over higher ground, although possibly becoming patchy later.
It will be windy, especially around the coasts and hills.
Maximum Temperature 15 °C.


Patchy rain, low cloud and hill fog will persist throughout the night.
The rain is likely to become more widespread and heavier towards dawn.
80% chance of getting rained on throughout the night.
Remaining mild and windy.
Minimum Temperature 9 °C.


Southerly winds move round to the south west, but rain continues although moving northeast bringing the chance of some dry spells tomorrow afternoon. Around 20 – 40% chance of rain.
Some sunny spells following, but sharp showers possible.
Maximum Temperature 13 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

Generally fine, dry with variable cloud, some sunny spells and light winds for Tuesday and Wednesday. A weakening band of patchy rain (generally less than 5% chance) gradually moves south over the region late Thursday.


Saints Of Sin came and rocked the Chill Bar last night with some of the best original rock songs ever. I’m playing two tracks from them today “Living Young” which is their single and “Animal” which is track 2. from their album “Seven Deadly Sins” which is released officially today.

You can find out more about the band by visiting their website which is www.saintsofsin.co.uk 

I’ve got a Saints Of Sin T-Shirt and a copy of “Seven Deadly Sins” to give away to somebody, but you will need to listen because I’m going to ask three questions that a child of six would know the answers to, but if you don’t know the questions then you’ve got no chance.  To make it even easier for those who can’t go online to check, I will blatantly give out the answers during the course of the show so there’s no excuse.

1st Question

Unsigned Bands

I’s not all about Saints Of Sin this week. Last week I was talking about the north Devon Gigathon and I neglected some of my other favourites because of that.

Boardwalk Isabella

Such a great band with a fantastic following. I’m going to single out Natasha Romanova among the host of re-tweeters if only because she has such a lovely sounding name.

Boardwalk Isabella’s New Single “The World Is A Mirror” is the follow up to their debut “Resurrection Man” I’ll be playing both today so here’s the first.

Jared Richter Band

I decided to play I-Dream early in the week, and then I got a message from Jared telling me that their new single would be ready in time for me to play it today and offering me the chance for a worldwide exclusive.

How could I refuse. So I-Dream coming up now, and the new single “Don’t You Run From Love” a bit later on in the show.

Saints Of Sin

2nd Question 

First off is their debut single “Living Young”

Later on I’ll be playing “Animal” which is not the Def Leppard song

3rd Question

Troy Faid

Troy is from Leeds but he is in Devon in May. The band are right down in Penzance on Thursday 15th May then playing for the first time in Barnstaple at Lillico’s on Friday 16th May and a second gig at the Dartmouth Music festival on Saturday.

Troy’s second album is Solus and I plan to play the title track and one called “A Rant And A Widdle”
Although if I get the go ahead in time I might play a track from the new album that hasn’t been released yet.

Sound of The Sirens

Two lovely young ladies who both sing and play guitar. Lots of harmonies and beautiful melodies. They are coming to Ilfracombe on Friday 25th April playing a gig at The Boathouse. I will definitely be there right at the front.

Their new album is called “Long Way Down” and I am going to play the first and last tracks from that. “The Night Before” and “Faith in Fire”


It is three weeks since I last played Bison which is way too long.







Olli’s Radio Show 30-03-14

Olli On The Radio
The Voice FM

local radio for North Devon – Online – On Digital, and on 106.1 and 107.8 across North Devon.

Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

Coming up, as well as some great music old and new, this week’s show is centred around the North Devon Gigathon, a 12 hour live music marathon taking place on 26th April.

Early Bird tickets have been extended until 31st March which is tomorrow so you can still get tickets for just £20 for a 12 hour non stop show featuring 24 superb local bands. 



A warm day with plenty of hazy sunshine, south westerly winds around 10 – 20 mph  and the chance of rain less than 5%. Maximum Temperature 18 °C.


A clear night at first, but clouding over during the early hours. Turning misty with low cloud developing to give fog over the hills. Chance of rain increasing to 40% around dawn. Minimum Temperature 8 °C.


Starting off cloudy with early rain easing off, before more cloud moves across from the South East bringing increasing the chance of rain to 60% but interspersed with some sunny spells. Rain clears northwards by late evening leaving cloud but less than 5% chance of rain overnight.  Maximum Temperature 16 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Variable but often large amounts of cloud are likely throughout and feeling warm in bright or sunny spells. However occasional showery rain is likely, which could be heavy and thundery.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 30 Mar 2014

Unsigned Bands

North Devon Gigathon – 26th April

Full details at www.northdevongigathon.com

A spectacular all day fun filled music fundraising event for North Devon Hospice and supporting the local music scene. Featuring 24 top local bands & acts from North Devon performing non-stop on two stages for 12 hours. Licensed bar open from 6pm, Hog Roast, seating/tables/toilets, band merchandise stall, prize raffle, special guest appearances and some very special prizes to be won. Date Saturday 26th April 2014. Event starts at 12 midday. Final confirmed bands/acts and running order below. Tickets now on sale…£20 for 24 bands!! now that’s a bargain!!….

Raising money for North Devon Hospice

Just in case you don’t know, North Devon Hospice are a local charity providing specialist care and support to those with a life-threatening illness and to their loved ones, completely free of charge.

The chances are, if you DON’T know who they are and what they do then you are one of the lucky ones who has never had a relative or friend with a terminal illness. I do know an awful lot of people who have.



Rich Woods, Rob Knight Lynn, Kit Pearce, and Ryann Snow, put on a superb show every time they play. Rich has a fantastic voice, really soaring and he can handle all those classic rock numbers that the band do so well. They came into the studio for a Street Live session a while back and did some tracks. Superb recordings but the band ae even better live.

Slaughtered Lamb

Doug Macfarlane – Bass
Martin Gallantree – Drums
Symon Otani – Guitars and vocals
James Cann – Guitars

A highly respected North Devon rock and metal covers band. Plans are afoot to get them onto Street Live in the not too distant future.


Phil Saunders, Mike Cook & Keith Norburn, Dan Pearse a four piece alt-punk band. I’ve played them before on the show. You can find them on Facebook and their own website is captal.co.uk

Redkite (all one word)

Sam Chalkley – Vocals & guitar.
Jo Peacock – Keys, violin & vocals.
James ‘Stix’ Walden – Drums.
Kev Teague – Lead Guitar. (also of The Flamin’ Ratrods)
Giles Isaac – Bass.

They describe themselves as

A cover band with a twist. Re-working popular songs to suit our style and throwing a few suprise song choices out there.

I can tell you from seeing Sam Chalkley solo at The Boathouse, that she has a brilliant voice.

The Black Dogs

Matt Roberts – Bass Guitars
Andy Higgins – Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Gary Saunders – Guitars & Vocals

They won themselves a recording contract last year at a gigathon at The Old Bus Station. Currently working on those recordings and I hope to bring you something from them in the not too distant future.

Small Town Jones

Small town Jones is basically Jim Jones
with occasional additions from
Dave Little
Peter Bruntnell
Will Greeves
Michael Reed
Matt Street
Lincoln Youree
Martin Neil
Paul Gibbings
and other special guests

I’ll play a track from his album Freight Ships


When I moved to Devon one of my most treasured discoveries was the local word for a woodlouse. I long to have a reason to talk about woodlice just so I can use it.  Meanwhile, “Chiggypig” are a 4 piece band paying homage to the most explosive, controversial, and inspiring era in rock music the punk rock era from the late 70,s to modern day

Kiera Osment

I saw Kiera the other day in the shop where I work. In fact it was she who inspired me to do a show based on the bands playing the gigathon, so thank you Kiera for that. She’s a big favourite of Street Live. A stalwart even.

Julian Langer

Another Street Live favourite, he’s just a brilliant songwriter, singer and guitarist who should be a household name already.

Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles

Fantastic band featuring the talents of Scott Linn guitar and vocals, Nathan Layland on bass and Toby Parker on drums. We play them loads on the Voice and rightly so. No apologies for playing them again now.

Leighton Howley

Leighton Howley came into the studio a few weeks ago and did a Street Live session with Roy Grimes. We’ve kind of picked on his track “Out of my Depth” as the favourite out of a really high quality bunch of recordings.

Anti Plastic Explosives

A.P.E. are a four piece band who describe themselves as “The loveable degenerates of party-punk/aggro-ska.”
the line up is

Matt Egan – Guitar/vox:
Rob Cowper – Lead Guitar
Alex Watson – Bass
John James – Drums/vox

I’ve got one track of theirs that I’m allowed to play on the radio so we’ll go with that one then.

Grey Blokes

are an acoustic duo featuring Ian Hudson and Kevin ‘Beano’ Green other than that I don’t know a whole heap about them.

Such and Vincent 

Heidi Such and Darren Vincent are an acoustic covers duo, performing a wide range of unusual tracks from 60’s to present. From Depeche Mode to Electric 6 – expect the weird and wonderful!


Roholio are a Barnstaple based dynamic folk duo, inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash & Seth Lakeman.

Roholio consists of singer/songwriter Roseanna Ball on vocals, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin and banjo and Mike Lake on double bass, vocals and guitar.

Specially requested by Liz Green even before I decided to concentrate on the gigathon. Roholio have been in, a couple of times, to Street Live so there should be plenty of choices for a track to play.

Trudi Mackie-Brown

Trudi came into the studio to do Street Live with Roy Grimes on Thursday 6th March just a few weeks ago. By the way you can listen to the whole of that interview as well as all the other Street Live sessions by going to www.thevoicefm.co.uk and scrolling down to the “Listen Again” links.

The Verbals

A three piece indie punk band consisting of Matt Smart, Ali Mackenzie, Guy Squires. I’ve played them a fair bit on the show and every time I do they generate a load of great feedback which is great.

One Man Boycott

The awesome One Man Boycott steps in to fill the slot left by Dogleg who sadly had to pull out due to circumstances beyond their control.

He’s a huge favourite of mine and a great addition to the line up

The Rivals

I expect to have something from these artists to play for you in the near future. Watch this space as they say.


Olli’s Radio Show 23-03-14

Olli On The Radio
The Voice FM

local radio for North Devon – Online – On Digital, and on 106.1 and 107.8 across North Devon.

Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

Coming up we’ve got a host of great unsigned bands from North Devon and beyond, as well as some great music old and new.


Today and tonight

The rest of today should be clear and dry with plenty of sunshine till about half six when it sets. Less than 5% chance of rain and winds from the north and west so feeling chilly out of the sun. Overnight temperatures dropping to around freezing so be careful on the roads early tomorrow as black ice is highly likely.


Cloud will have built up overnight with the wind changing to south and south east. The chance of rain increases steadily from less than 5% in the early morning, to more than 95% during the afternoon. So don’t plan any picnics. That rain is going to continue until well into the evening before easing off overnight into Tuesday.


More of the same sort of thing for the rest of the week, feeling as cold as recent days with a mixture of cloud and rain and the occasional break in the clouds. your best chance of a bit of sun being on Wednesday morning.

Unsigned bands

Got a great line up of unsigned bands for you today including the first play in Devon of Boardwalk Isabella’s new single “The World Is A  Mirror”, a brand new track from Far North District, they are from Combe Martin, and a track from Bideford punk rockers Anti Plastic Explosives.

Genres include Punk, Hair metal, Folk, Reggae, Glam-Rock-Disco-funk, Pop, Funky-Indie.

Boardwalk Isabella – North Devon


James Hughes, Nathan Porter, Steve Tanton, and George Thomas

This is the first playing of the band’s brand new single “The World Is A Mirror” which is released tomorrow. It manages to combine elements of glam rock with disco and as far as I am aware represents a whole new sub-genre of music.

 Saints Of Sin – Hampshire


Are one of the best bands I have ever seen live.

Rui Brito – Lead Vocals
Marcus Jenkins – Lead Guitar
Matt Spencer – Lead Guitar
Ashley Jenkins – Lead Bass
Josh Rose – Lead Drums

If you like Guns ‘N’Roses, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and any of that type of music then you MUST get along to see these guys when they next come to North Devon. Which is Saturday 5th April at the Chill Bar. I will be there and so should you. I’ve sent a message to the Palladium asking if they can book the band in Bideford so people who can’t get to ‘Combe can see them as well. No promises though.

 Anti Plastic Explosives – North Devon

You might think that North Devon has a lot of folk bands and we do, but we also have a good selection of punk bands, as well.  I’ve played you Captal a fair few times, and various others but I haven’t played you any Anti Plastic Explosives until now.
That’s mainly because I didn’t have anything that we would be allowed to broadcast. But Matt Egan has just sent me this track “Nostalgia” which is clean enough for radio play. Ahem.

 Jared Richter Band – Essex

They may come from right over the other end of the country in the land of the East Saxons, but music recognises no boundaries and requires no passport.

They have literally been together for five weeks now, and this is their only recording. “I-Dream” it has already been picked up by BBC introducing and I decided to give it another whirl after the massive response it got on Twitter last week.

It’s funky indie and very radio friendly.

Skata Tones – North Devon

Fresh from their excellent session on Street Live with Roy Grimes on Thursday evening; and by the way, if you like local unsigned music do check out the shows on Tuesday evening with Lee Wardle and Thursday evening with Roy Grimes.

If you are in a band and want to come on and do a live set then that’s the place to be. You can join the Street Live group on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/Streetlive/

However, I’m going to play the track I played last week because I love it. They did do a version of this on Roy’s show which you can check out on the Voice website www.thevoicefm.co.uk scroll down to “Listen Again” and just click the Street Live banner.

Mozart’s Revolver – USA

This band have actually disbanded and are no more. The only reason for playing this track is because I love it and I think maybe you might too. Irish folk blended with heavy rock. The song is called Síocháin Please tell me what you think. Tweet @thevoicefm email studio@thevoicefm.co.uk

Far North District – North Devon

This band consisting of Star Evans Tony Dredster

  • Jack
  • Star Evans
  • Chris Millington
  • Kev Holt
  • Tony Dredster

I asked Tony who does what in the band and this is what he told me.

jack is the singer songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Star also helps write and plays egg shakers and guitar, Kev plays cajon drum. I play lead guitar and picking parts. Chris Millington plays harmonica, mandolin, violin, cello, guitar. And we all do vocal harmonies, all 5 of us.

They’ve been going for around a year and have just finished recording an e.p called There’s A Light, four tracks and if ever there was a band that should be on Street Live soon then this is it.

I’m going to play you the last track called “Break The Chains” it reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it. Anyone can help me out get in touch please. Text Voice plus message to 66010 help me out, it’s driving me crackers.

Too Pro – featuring Ellie Campbell – North Devon

Just to prove to you that I am not only about folk and rock here’s as classy a piece of pure pop as you will ever hear. Too Pro is the studio project and brainchild of Nathan Layland who is also bass player with Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles.

Be Real” features the vocal talents of the delightful Ellie Campbell who is a local singer songwriter in her own right.

Tankus The Henge – London

I’ve had a request for this one from “Someone” I usually don’t let a show go by without playing either Tankus or Bison. This time I asked for suggestions and Cakewalk was put forward so Cakewalk it shall be.

Snugs and the Bishop – North Devon

Peter Bradshaw on vocals and bass; and featuring the talents of music graduate and Boardwalk Isabella guitarist George Thomas on guiter (unsurprisingly)

Cry no More set out to be a bit like classic Gary Moore but George got a bit carried away with emulating the Irish guitar hero and … well listen for yourself. I still love it though, it doesn’t suffer for wearing its influence firmly on its sleeve.

Cream Tangerines – Leicester

A three piece consisting of
Cam Potts – Vocals/Guitar
Dom Potts – Bass
Louis Potts – Drums & Cymbals

They give their main influence as The Beatles but they are a bit heavier than the fab four in the main and remind me more of Led Zeppelin among others.


Olli’s Radio Show 16-03-14

Notes to self

You’re listening to Olli On The Radio The Voice FM, local radio for North Devon – Online – On Digital, and on 106.1 and 107.8 across North Devon.

Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

Coming up we’ve got a host of great unsigned bands from North Devon and beyond, as well as some great music old and new.

Hope you didn’t miss me too much last week and thank you to “Baggy” Adam Bagshaw  for covering for me because my band “The Buzz” were playing a gig in Honiton.

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Cloudy for the rest of today but remaining dry with just a 20% chance of rain. Light breezes from the west and temperatures barely into double figures.


Cloud cover keeping temperatures above 5°C with still only a 20% chance of rain.


No change really, cloudy, light westerly breezes, 20% chance of rain and max tempeatures 9°C

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Becoming a little more changeable for the rest of the week winds picking up on Tuesday and Wednesday bringing the odd band of rain between brighter weather, but still fairly mild.

Unsigned bands this week.

Jared Richter band – Essex

This band have been going for a few weeks and have already recorded an excellent single. I had to admire their pluck for asking the likes of Zane Lowe to check it out. Zane is a really really nice guy and I know because I have met him quite a few times.

Anyway, I checked out their song and it’s pretty good, so even if it doesn’t get onto Radio 1 straight away I’m going to give it a go.

Skata Tones -North Devon

Reggae/Ska band from the local area performing a mix of covers and originals.

Bison – Sheffield

One of my favourite bands with five albums to chose from, this week I think a bit of a ska sea shanty should go down well.

“Seasick Sam”.

Boardwalk Isabella – North Devon

Right, last time I will be playing Resurrection Man for some time, because next Sunday i will be playing you the brand new single The World Is a Mirror which is released on 24th March.

Bombskare – Scotland

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven is a brilliant piece of genre stretching ska with lots of brilliant tempo changes. I love it, I hope you do too.

One Man Boycott – North Devon

He supported Scott Xander Linn & The Broken Bottles last Friday at the Boathouse and I couldn’t go because I was gigging myself.

So here’s “Fingers Crossed” which I was planning to play a while back but couldn’t for technical reasons.

Ashley Fayth

Well she took the trouble to respond to a post on Facebook this morning when I couldn’t decide who to play. So I’m going to play the opening track from her album Wonder Wonder, it’s called Peanut butter.

By the way she wants me to point you at this link for a project she needs your help with.


Sam Dowden

I haven’t played Sam for a while now and it’s about time I put that right. “Silver Skin” was playlisted for a while so I think I’ll give it a whirl now.

Scott Xander Linn & The Broken Bottles

They played at The Boathouse last Friday and to give you an idea how mega they really are, they had One Man Boycott in support! He’s a headline act in his own right, but he came along and warmed up for them.
Let’s have my personal favourite “Six Feet Under the Bar”




Until Day Breaks by Expected Boy

Track 7 from XRP Radio
Journey Through Genres

Expected Boy sound a bit like a Californian punk band but with an English lead singer, so it is perhaps a little UN-expected that they are in fact from Hyvinkää in … nope, I don’t know either.

Right, I checked and it is in Finland. It is famous for ….. erm, the Finnish Railway Museum and the home of KONE elevators. And now also for the band Expected Boy who, as it happens are touring in the UK from 17th to 23rd March.

More details on their Facebook Page

Expected Boy tour dates

Expected Boy tour dates

The track that features on Journey Through Genres is a fairly straight ahead possibly slightly tongue in cheek punk track featuring the hook line

Until Day Breaks I know we will be safe,
they say I live this way until the day I die
I’m a vampire!

It’s good solid music with a slightly off kilter vocal that is endearing yet dangerous.  You can check it out here at their Soundcloud Page

ExpectedBoyStageExpected Boy are Mara – Lead vocals
Leino – Guitar and backing vocals
Riku – Bass and backing vocals
Pauli – Drums and backing vocals

The band were formed in 2011 and they also have a Reverb Nation page with a few tracks available to stream.

You can of course buy “Until Day Breaks” from XRP Radio’s Bandcamp page along with sixty other tracks from various genres for the small sum of £10

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Switchstance by Philtrum

Review ofTrack 6 of
Journey Through Genres
from XRP Radio

Switchstance is two and three quarter minutes of frenetic drumming, power riffs, and punk vocals, from Kent based punk trio Philtrum.

Philtrum have a Bandcamp page (with a single “Permanent” featuring a B side “The Moment” ) and two EPs (“Rough Days” and “Needs Must“)

Switchstance” features on “Rough Days” from 2013 and whilst it is not my favourite genre I can listen to this and enjoy it. Certainly I can see fans of punk and heavy indie getting into this in a big way.

With a total of ten tracks on their Bandcamp they already have a respectable back catalogue having formed in 2011.

Philtrum are Paul P Vox/Guitar, Leo - Bass/ Backing Vox, James - Drums.

Philtrum are Paul P Vox/Guitar, Leo – Bass/ Backing Vox, James – Drums.

Their first e.p. is now available as a free download. Just £1.50 for the follow up and a quid for the current single. As always you can stream the tracks to decide if you like them, so pop over and check them out if you like it loud and fast.

You can also buy Switchstance from XRP Radio’s Bandcamp if you just want a taster of a whole range of genres.

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Olli’s Radio Show 2-3-2014

Notes to self

You’re listening to Olli On The Radio The Voice FM, local radio for North Devon – Online – On Digital, and on 106.1 and 107.8 across North Devon.

Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.

Contacting the show
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Mostly cloudy. Persistent and locally heavy rain in the afternoon.


Greater than 95% chance of rain this afternoon in fact It should be raining for pretty much the whole of this show. This rain will clear from the west towards the evening. Hovering between 20% and 40% chance for the rest of the evening. Winds mainly westerly or southerly. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.


A fresh band of rain should move in after midnight, around 60% – 80% chance until the early morning. Winds mostly light and from the south. Minimum Temperature 0 °C.


Changeable with a mixture of sunshine and showers, and generally light winds. Some showers will be locally heavy with hail and thunder, and will mostly die away during the evening. Your best chance of some sunshine is around five o’clock until it sets. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 2 Mar 2014

Unsigned bands

Ashley Fayth Chester – via Newfoundland

Ashley’s song Scientist, got a good reception last time I played it so I am going to give it another spin. Her website is www.ashleyfayth.com

Boardwalk Isabella – North Devon

One of the most fervently supported bands in the region. With fans all over the world and airplay in over a hundred countries. This is their first single and there is a follow up due soon, called “The World Is A Mirror” rest assured I will be among the first to play it when it does come out. www.boardwalkisabella.com

Daylight Saving – Kent

The lovely voice of Kate Lynn-Deverre coupled with the guitar work of Richard Eady provides a genre busting mix of jazz and folk. For some radio stations that means they fall between two stools but for me it just makes them all the more interesting. www.daysave.co.uk

Holly Morwenna – Devon

I heard this young lady when I was listening to John Govier on a rival station. Ahem.
It is almost as if there is a “scene” that  seems to have emerged unplanned. She has a lot in common with the likes of Yazzy and Kiera Osment, and it makes me wonder just how many brilliant young ladies there are who can write, sing and play to such a high standard.

Holly is working on an e.p. and she has very kindly let me have a couple of tracks from that. This song is called, simply “Guitar”

Troy Faid – Leeds

It’s taken me a long time to get around to buying Troy’s second album, Solus, but I finally did so and I’m going to play a track called “A Rant and a Widdle”
Troy is in the south west in May. He’s in Penzance on Thursday 15th May, then at Lilicos in Barnstaple on Friday May 16th and then he heads over to the Dartmouth Music Festival for the second year running.
I urge you to make a date in your diary for the Lilicos gig. You have to see him live to believe he really can get some much from just one guitar and one pair of hands.

Leighton Howley – Devon

He’s a birthday boy, so happy birthday mate. He is also coming to the Boat House in Ilfracombe this coming Friday. Well worth getting along to see him, considering he is also playing The Godney Gathering on 19th July.
His album is available on iTunes and Amazon but you can also get one in person on the night.

Bella Gaffney – Oop north

She’s from Yorkshire but studying in Notts. I just love her accent and the way she sings words like “Roses”  I first heard her on a local radio station in Yorkshire that is similar to Roy Grimes Street Live and I just loved her guitar work. Seven Black Roses is a cover of a John Martyn song. Which makes me think, maybe John Martyn should feature on Daryl and Ali’s acoustic rock show sometime soon. I’ll have to suggest it to them.


Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles – Devon

I haven’t played them for a while because they were playlisted but I think I need to give them another spin because they are also playing at the Boathouse in Ilfracombe, Friday week the 14th March

The band needs no introduction to listeners to this show, but if you haven’t seen them live then get along to the Boathouse and check them out.

Bison – Sheffield

An 11 piece ska band from Yorkshire, and number one on my list of bands that I desperately want to see live. Obviously it’s not goign to be cheap to get that many people down to North Devon so the more people who know about them the better the chances.  The band is particularly good at stretching the ska boundaries and combining it with other genres.
“Seasick Sam” for example is a ska sea shanty.

The Verbals – Devon

Every time I play The Verbals on the show we get new followers and retweets galore. If anything will keep a band in the spotlight it is loyal fans reacting to airplay. Keep it up. The Verbals are a three piece indie punk band from North Devon consisting of Matt Smart, Ali MacKenzie, and Guy Squires.  “Infidels” is the name of the song.

68-75 – from Atlanta Georgia

Feamle fronted rock band with a good dose of funkiness.
Suzanne Sledge (vocals), Andrew Cylar (guitars), with Matt Kotheimer(drums) and Matt Sickles(bass)

I might play a track from the latest album or possibly one from the e.p. I have played before. We’ll see.

Olli’s Radio Show 23-2-14

Oh dear, leaving it until the morning of the show again…

Notes to self

You’re listening to Olli On The Radio The Voice FM, local radio for North Devon – Online – On Digital, and on 106.1 and 107.8 across North Devon.

Thank you to Anna Takken for an excellent show as always.



Generally cloudy with a 20% chance of rain, though mostly light and patchy in nature.
Windy, around 20 – 40 mph from the south.
Maximum Temperature 12 °C.


Remaining cloudy overnight with winds easing, but the chance of rain increasing to 80% in the early morning.
Minimum Temperature 6 °C.


A cloudy start with the overnight rain easing during the morning.
20% chance of rain around lunchtime and you might even spot the sun for a bit.
Then a further band of rain moves in, steadily increasing to 80% likelihood by late evening.
Winds picking up later in the day too, typically 20 – 40 mph
Maximum Temperature 11 °C.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 23 Feb 2014

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Unsigned Bands

I’m only playing nine bands today because a couple of the tracks are a bit long. I think it’s worth the sacrifice though. I’ll try and get back to normal next week.

1, Rolin Humes – Croatia

First out of the traps today are Rolin Humes who are from Croatia. But don’t worry they sing in English and they don’t have any plans to come here at take our jobs just yet. If anyone fancies putting together a tour they’d probably be up for that.

Song title “Freedom”

2, 3, Canyon Ryde – North Devon

I reeally want to play “Beyond Lies The Open Sea” but it is eight minutes long. The only way to do it is to use up two or my choices so that’s what I am going to do.

Song “Beyond Lies The Open Sea”

4, Lenny Savage – Bristol

She’s a singer songwriter from Avon, with a bit of a retro feel to her songs. There are a range of styles on her album “Quaintrelle”, which you can buy online, from various sources.

Song “Green”

5, Lemonhaze – Scotland

Lemonhaze takes their name from a popular air freshener aroma. Honestly!
Well anyway, I thought I’d give em a spin and see what you think. They have a kind of indie sound

Song “Size Of The Universe”

6, Flamin’ Ratrods – North Devon

I played “Saturday Night” last week but you don’t get the flavour of a song on one listen so I think it needs at least another go round.

Song “Saturday Night”

7, Bombskare – Scotland

I’ve played you Bombskare’s “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven” and was rather pleased to see it get playlisted. So here’s a cover of The Beatles “Birthday” from Bombskare’s album “Skabbey Road” which is a ska tribute to the fab four.

Song “Birthday”

8, Leighton Howley – North Devon

He’s playing the North Devon Gigathon on 26th April as well as a number of festivals and such like PLUS I have got him playing at the Boathouse in Ilfracombe on Friday 7th March.

Song “T B A”

9, 10,  Baghdaddies – the world

Baghdaddies are an eclectic bunch of musicians from various parts of the world including Tyneside, and eastern Europe.
Their music is similarly broadly influenced and defies description.
Best I can manage is Ska, Gypsy folk, and world music.
I’m using up two choices again on this one as it’s nearly eight minutes again.

Song “Keep Ya Feet Still”

11, Captal

High time I played Captal again. They are playing the North Devon gigathon on 26th April so another airing of “Friends” is in order.





Oli’s radio show 16-2-2014

Another Unsigned Sunday

Or maybe we should say Independent.

A lot of so called Unsigned Bands these days are in fact signed to a label. It’s just that they are not associated with the major labels, Sony BMG or Warner.

More and more bands are choosing to create their own labels or signing to one of the many small independent labels all over the country.  Often they prefer the freedom that these deals offer. Complete artistic control is sometime more important than making a fortune, sometimes it is just a principle.

Notes to self

Thanks to Anna Takken for a great show as usual.

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A cold start with ice patches, then fine and sunny.


A cold and frosty start and sunny morning. But turning cloudy in the afternoon. less than 5% chance of rain rising to 20% later in the day Maximum Temperature 10 °C.


A cloudy evening, light winds and not as cold as last night. An increased risk of rain overnight up to 80% chance in the early morning. Minimum Temperature 6 °C.


Rain across the region for much of the day, mostly light but with some heavier bursts. It’s patchy but pretty much everyone will see some. Winds lighter than recently, though fairly windy for a time with coastal gales. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Patchy rain may be slow to clear on Tuesday. Wednesday mainly cloudy but dry. Rain arriving overnight will turn showery on Thursday. Generally light winds, though breezier on Thursday.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 16 Feb 2014

Independent bands

1 The Flaming Ratrods – North Devon

Flamin’ Ratrods album Rockabilly Bones includes ten tracks all written by the band (Teague/Wilson/Delve/Northam) and recorded in a wooden kabin and mastered by Benny Joy. It was released by Nervous Records in 2013 and I plan to play the opening track from the album titled, “Saturday Night” even though it is Sunday afternoon.

The band was a four piece but is now a trio; Kev Teague – vocals and guitar, Rob Delve – drums and Bryce Wilson – double bass

2 Troy Faid – Leeds

Troy’s guitar playing is quite simply stunning, calling to mind the likes of Robert Johnson.  His Yorkshire accent and laconic vocal style fits surprisingly well with that Delta Blues style.

He is visiting Devon in May plying at Lilicos on Friday 16th and then at the Dartmouth Music festival on Saturday 17th Although he can perform incredibly on his own, he will be bringing his band which consists of Pat Bannon – drums and Adam Richards – double bass.

3  The Verbals – North Devon

Bideford based punk trio The Verbals not only have some great songs, but they and their fans cause a nice stir on Twitter every time they get played. It’s always a pleasure to play good local music but it’s even nicer when that music generates some responses.  The Verbals are, Matt Smart, Ali Mackenzie, and  Guy Squires

Infidels is the lead track and you can hear them play this and others at the North Devon Gigathon on Saturday 26th April at the Factory Petroc.

4 Tankus The Henge – London

With less than a week before Tankus The Henge play a show at the Beaver Inn Appledore (Saturday 22nd Feb) I HAVE to include a track from their album. This five piece band put on a visual show which complements their musical creativity. It’s a melting pot of ska, rock, circus music and show tunes.

I plan to play “Recurring Dream” for you.

5 Boardwalk Isabella – North Devon

I’ve played their lead single “Resurrection Man” a few times and you can count on the band to spread the word to their growing army of fans. This tracks is also on rotation in over 100 countries around the world on hundreds of radio stations. The band consists of James C Hughes, Nathan Porter, Steve Tanton, and my mate George Thomas.

The new single is out soon, and I’m hoping we can be among the first stations to give it airplay.  Boardwalk Isabella are taking bookings at the moment, including talking to some festival organisers so hopefully I will be able to tell you some confirmed dates soon.

6 Saints Of Sin – Southampton

Another touring band playing in North Devon on Saturday 22nd Feb Saints Of Sin are at the Chill Bar. The last time they played there there were a handful of faithful regulars. This time I expect and hope that the place will be rammed because this is one of the best rock bands I’ve seen in a long long time.  They blew me away.

I plan to play “Living Young” because I’ve played the other song “One More Minute” which is a bit more of a power ballad.

7 Yazzy – North Devon

Yazzy Chamberlaine was in the running to open the Godney Gathering this year, but was just pipped in the last few days of voting.  She will have plenty of other opportunities if she continues to write such lovely songs and perform so beautifully.

For anyone who was maybe rejected this Valentines, or who has ever had a love un-returned, I plan to play the very lovely “3 Kisses”

8 Billy Brown – Hertfordshire

Billy is not just a great musician but also a big supporter of unsigned bands himself. He presents the Loud Llama Show on XRP radio every Wednesday evening playing all unsigned bands. He recently released a cover of Junior Murvin’s  “Police and Thieves” as part of “Specialized 2” raising money for cancer relief.  But I intend playing “Running Scared” from earlier in 2013.

9 Sound Of The Sirens – Devon

Exeter duo Sound of The Sirens consists of Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood who both play guitar and sing. Also one of them sometimes plays a bass drum. The two played at the Landmark beer festival last year and are back in Ilfracombe on Friday 25th April at the Boat House (opposite Wildersmouth Beach)

10 Jekyll – Thornton Cleveleys (Near Blackpool)

I just wrote an article about this band recently so it is natural to give them a play. They are four lads from near Blackpool consisting of Joel Foster, Jonny Chatterton, Lewis Armistead, and Liam Singleton and I would describe their sound as  kind of Manchester/Liverpool indie.

11  Small Town Jones – North Devon

I’ve played a track called Wintersong by Jim Jones, from the Good to Go No Dramas album, a few times before Christmas. Jim Jones is now known as Small Town Jones and his album “Freight Ships” is available from Bandcamp for seven quid. Ten tracks and I am going to play the title track Freight Ships.

North Devon Gigathon

26th April at the Factory Petroc a huge line of of great North Devon bands fundraising for North Devon Hospice and promoting live music at the same time. I certainly plan to go, and other Voice presenters are planning to be there although not in an official capacity. Here’s a running order for the bands playing.





Jekyll – Indie rock from Blackpool

Actually they’re from
Thornton Cleveleys
to be specific.

It comes to something when on the 3rd of Jan you make a note to write an article about a band and it is the 12th of Feb before you make a start.
No wonder my kids don’t always do their homework if they get their work ethic from me.

From a comment on this blog, I came across this excellent young four piece from Thornton Cleveleys. (Yeah, I had to look it up too) It’s about half way between Fleetwood and Blackpool on the windswept Atlantic coast. It’s not a million miles from Liverpool and Manchester either and there is a sort of gentle overlaid indie scene influence that causes this band’s music to hint at such luminaries as Shed 7, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, and plenty more of that ilk.


In their own blurb on their Facebook page they cite influences from Muse, Radiohead, Bloc Party, Maximo Park, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Editors…
I can hear some of these but not all. Then again, I haven’t listened to the entire oeuvre.

Jekyll are

  • Joel Foster
  • Jonny Chatterton
  • Lewis Armistead
  • Liam Singleton

This is “My Oh My” from the band’s Soundcloud page.

You can also find Jekyll on Twitter

There isn’t a website as far as I can tell, although  there is a site for what I must assume is a totally different band of the same name which simply announces that they have disbanded as of 2012.

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