Ollis radio show Sunday 9th Feb 2014

Rushed off my feet

Been a  really hectic week this week and have had hardly any time to prepare a show. However I will still be playing a bunch of great unsigned music from some superb bands both local and not.


Staying windy with sunny spells and showers through Sunday.


Gales easing through the day. Further bright or sunny spells and scattered showers, again possibly heavy in places and wintry on higher ground. 60% chance of rain dropping to 20% tonight  Maximum Temperature 8 °C.


Winds easing further. Largely dry but some scattered showers in places Yellow warnings for ice on roads overnight 20% chance of rain rising to 60% around dawn. Temperature down to around 3 °C but feels like zero.


A drier day generally with bright or sunny spells although still with scattered showers, most likely in the afternoon. Much lighter winds than recently. 20% chance of raqin in the morning, rising to 60% in the afternoon, then dropping off again to less than 5% tomorrow night. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Issued at: 0400 on Sun 9 Feb 2014

Unsigned Bands

Tankus The Henge – from London

Feb 22nd at the Beaver in Appledore the incredible Tankus The Henge returns to North Devon. It was absolutely packed last time and I could barely move so PLEASE don’t come this time. Obviously I’m kidding don’t miss this band if you can possibly see them.

Jax – North Devon

Local girl Jackie Gibbins, formerly of iFunk but currently with a solo album of considerable depth. I have been playing her cover of Sweet Child o’ Mine but I hope to be able to play you a new track from her today.

Saints Of Sin – Portsmouth

Also playing in North Devon on 22nd Feb but at the Chill Bar. This is an absolutely fantastic rock band in the eighties hair metal mold.
They have everything, stagecraft, image, great songs, amazing musicianship and decent management. Only a handful witnessed their North Devon debut, please make sure they feel welcome this time around.

Kiera Osment – North Devon

Local wunderkind who almost needs no introduction. Beautiful voice and immense talent. She plays all over the region and well beyond. In particular she is playing the North Devon Gigathon at the Factory on 26th April which has an immense line up of local talent.

Bella Gaffney – Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire

There’s a chap by the name of Bill Horncastle up in Yorkshire who does a show on Vixen 101 –
He’s something of an inspiration for me personally and he gave me a mention on his show so I have to name check him on mine of course.
Fox’s Den is a bit like our Street Live, where he has local artists come in and play live as well as playing a good mix of signed and unsigned music.
I heard this young lady on that show and was immediately blown away.
She made me think of a modern day Joni Mitchell with Jimmy Page on acoustic guitar.

The song she played was Seven Black Roses which happens to be a cover of a John Martyn song, although I was ignorant of that at the time.

Captal – North Devon

I’ve played them before and they are surely worthy of more airplay. Local three piece punk band Captal with some great original tunes and an album out now.  “Friend” is the opening track so I’ll play that one.

They are also playing at the North Devon Gigathon in April

The Reasoning – Cardiff

Still one of my favourite bands of all time. I’ve played the title track from “Awakening” a few ties but I’d like to play something a lot more mellow. “Within Cold Glass” features the talents of Steve Rothery from Marrillion as a guest guitarist.

One Man Boycott

Sound Of The Sirens – Exeter

Accoustic duo with lovely harmonies and dual guitar they will be coming to Ilfracombe to play at the Boat House opposite the Landmark theatre in March I’m organising some gigs there just for a bit of fun and to help a bit with promoting some of my favourite bands. Here’s some of the dates already booked.

  • Feb 14th (valentines day)  Obsidian
  • Feb 21st Charmaine Lilley
  • Feb 28th (Big gig at the church)
  • March 7th Leighton Howley
  • March 14th Scott Xander Linn & the Broken Bottles
  • March 21st There’s a big local charity gig in Ilfracombe
  • March 28th Sound of the Sirens

Leighton Howley – North Devon


6 Minutes to Sunrise

Introducing 6 Minutes to Sunrise
Southampton Alt Rockers

 - 6 Minutes to Sunrise -  from their Facebook page

– 6 Minutes to Sunrise –
from their Facebook page

PLEASE NOTE : I first began this article before Christmas and have had a few more attempts to finish it since then. My attention span is variable. As a result some of this may not make a ton of sense.

I feel like a bit of a fraud sometimes, doing this. After all, I am often writing about bands which I hardly know any more about than you do. In fact if you are reading this as a fan of the band, or even as a member of the band, then you will know a load more than I do.

So when I say I am introducing a band I am as much introducing them to myself as I am to you.

My first introduction to this band was via a message sent to the Facebook page for this blog, by Chris Scott.  He said

Came across your blog and thought I’d give you a shout. I’m the drummer for 6 Minutes to Sunrise, an Alternative Indie band from Southampton, we have just finished recording at Monnow Valley Studios in wales and received the final master from Abbey Road Studios London. I’d really appreciate if you could have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Well of course you expect good things if an album has passed through the hallowed portals of Abbey Road.  Chris goes on to say,

We have been gigging and writing for around 18 Months … have been featured on BBC Introducing South and have played with some great bands, including Howler, Sound of Guns and on Friday Natives. …  We are also due to be featured in the Southampton Music magazine as ones to watch in December.

I was at a bit of a low ebb when he wrote and I hadn’t been very active on here. I was certainly interested but didn’t feel in the mood to check them out straight away. We exchanged a few messages about stuff and I promised to get onto it when I got my Mojo back.

So here I am, and I am very much impressed.  The band are, broadly speaking, alt rock / alt indie, the vocals are crisp and warm and smooth, like hot mince pies with double cream (it was Christmas when I first wrote this. I’m not wasting a metaphor like that now)

Yep, I know what you’re thinking, “shut up, talking about the music and just embed some tracks.”  OK, it’s a fair cop. Here you go; from their Soundcloud page.  My Favourite Fantasy.

This is the track that Chris shared with me first so presumably he would like you to hear it as well. Indeed on their Facebook page it does say it is their new single.

6 Minutes To Sundown on stage

6 Minutes To Sundown on stage

Right, here’s the line up of the band for you

  • Cameron Davidson – Vocals, Guitar
  • Paul Jackson -Vocals, Guitar
  • Chris Griffiths – Bass
  • Chris Scott – Drums


Other sites

The band have sound files on Reverb Nation including some that you can purchase.
I haven’t found a Bandcamp for them yet.
There is a Twitter account if you want to follow them

Strangely their official website address, which is only shown on their Facebook page, actually redirects straight back to their Facebook page. I double checked this.

In terms of this article, I am most ashamed. To think that between starting writing this, and now when I am about to hit “publish”, I have written about various album tracks from “Journey Through Genres”, raved about another South coast band “Saints Of Sin”,  and promoted my radio show and this blog; and all that time I kept putting off finishing this item, even though it was largely done and dusted.

I do hope Chris can forgive me.




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Gadget Hack-Wrench Suck by Luis Drayton

Review of Track 3 of XRP
Journey Through Genres

Track 3 of the unsigned sampler compilation from XRP radio comes from XRP stalwart Luis Drayton.

I’m not going to pretend I understand Luis Drayton at all. He is a slightly scary, cross dressing, sleazy, alt rocker; who also presents shows on XRP radio. Not that any of that is a problem.

He produces some of the dirtiest sounding music you’re ever likely to come across. Probably, this is the reason why he is so immensely popular with the XRP listenership. He doesn’t appear to have a Bandcamp page but here’s the track from the XRP bandcamp so can hear what I am talking about.

 It opens with a deep down riff and a rumble of drums, with Luis’ voice deep and husky.

Luis Drayton  Image from Facebook page

Luis Drayton
Image from Facebook page

The style is straight ahead punky rock with a very solid beat. Mosh pit fodder if ever I heard it. The lyrics are a bit odd as you might expect from the title.

“Gadget Hack Wrench Suck” four perfectly ordinary English words that any child of ten would be familiar with. But put together they become as incomprehensible as Greek, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I want to know what the song is about.

Suffice to say, I enjoy the noise from the speakers when it is playing and that is as deep as I am willing to dig, for fear of unearthing something unpleasant.

If you are not of a nervous disposition and like what you are hearing here then you can find out loads more at Luis Drayton’s blog


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Perfect guy by Big Rhino

Track 2 from XRP Radio
Journey Through Genres

Big Rhino are a rock indie band from Nottingham. This track is also available from their Bandcamp page as part of a three track E.P. called “Turn Around Baby”.

It opens up with a lo-fi low volume intro and then develops a slightly laconic laid back bounce with a hint of Paul McCartney in the vocals.

Photo taken from the band's Facebook page.  Credit - Christopher Frost http://beestonblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Photo taken from the band’s Facebook page.
Credit – Christopher Frost http://beestonblog.blogspot.co.uk/

As the song progresses there is a move towards being a bit more rocky, and nice little tempo and volume changes; cramming an amazingly varied selection of moods in a very short three and a half minutes.

It culminates in thirty seconds of “way oh ay oh” and “la la la la” that I would imagine most audiences would be singing along to with gusto while waving their pints around and jumping about.  And that is going to please the landlord no end as they will have to buy more beer to replace what they have spilled.

Yep, I really like this, and will almost certainly check out more of Big Rhino in the future.

Pop over to their Facebook page and give them a LIKE if you enjoy the tracks.

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Olli’s radio show

Olli on the radio

Sunday 2nd Feb 2014

The Voice local radio for North Devon, online, on digital and across North Devon on FM 106.1 and 107.8



Showers dying out during the afternoon with further sunshine. Still windy, though less so than Saturday. 40% chance of rain dropping to less than 5% by the evening. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.


Some showers likely through the evening. 20% chance of rain for most of the night. Minimum Temperature 5 °C.


It will be very windy as the band of rain slowly pushes eastwards through the day, with some heavy bursts. Clearer and more showery weather will follow later. 20% chance of rain rising to 80% with yellow rain warnings for the region throughout the day. Maximum Temperature 9 °C.

Tide Times

Next high tides 

  • Ilfracombe 19:59 (9.70m) These are all lower than the previous one.
  • Bideford 19:50 (6.40m)
  • Barnstaple 20:02 (4.70m)
  • Croyde/Westward Ho! 19.39 (8.40m)

Getting involved and contacting the show

If you want a dedication or a name-check. To let us to know about any major traffic incidents, weather updates, or breaking news in the region.

  • Telephone the studio on 01271 323 010
  • Text the word VOICE plus your message to 66010 don’t forget your name if you want a namecheck
  • Tweet @thevoicefm
  • Facebook /thevoicenorthdevon or /olliontheradio
  • Email studio@thevoicefm.co.uk

New feature

Gone but not forgotten, forgotten but not gone.

This will need some explaining.
I play two songs back to back.

One song by an artist who is sadly no longer with us.
Obviously there are so many to chose from Elvis, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Kirsty MacColl, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, we could even include an early Rolling Stones track in honour of Brian Jones.
The second by an artist who is still active but for one reason or another is not getting the attention they used to get.
This one is a little harder because you can’t just Google musicians who are badly overlooked by the media. So I need your help. A few suggestions already made are – Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves, who is still around and had an album out a few years ago, Hazell O’Connor who wrote the film and album “Breaking Glass”, but has had numerous albums out since then. Melanie Safka is also still going strong you’ll remember her for “Brand New Key” but she has done so much more. 

So it’s over to you for suggestions each week for who needs a little bit more exposure and what song should I play.

Unsigned bands this week.

Ashley Fayth (Canada via Cheshire)

She’s from Canada but now lives in Cheshire. She has a sweet voice and some lovely songs. “Scientist” one is probably the most Country and Western of a generally folk/blues style, but I picked it because it is one of the more uptempo numbers.  www.ashleyfayth.com

Boardwalk Isabella (Local North Devon)

I have come to associate Boardwalk Isabella with Canyon Ryde, for no other reason than I came across them at the same time. At the moment I feel I have to play one or the other, so this week is James Hughes’ turn. A funky blend of glam rock and disco that has been getting airplay across the globe so why not in their local area on The Voice?  www.boardwalkisabella.com

Galley Beggar (London area)

I did a review of Galley Beggar on the blog a while ago and Guitar/Mandolin David Ellis recently commented on it. I was planning on playing them anyway so all the more reason to.  They can be found on http://www.galleybeggar.com/ “Outlandish Knight” is from their debut album Reformation House and I’ll warn you now, get your dancing shoes on because it has a real toe tapping ending.

The Verbals

Bideford pop punk trio The Verbals generated a great deal of Twitter activity last week when I played their track “Infidels” so naturally I am encouraged to play them again if only for that reason.  It’s a cracking little song anyway and well worth another spin.  www.facebook.com/TheVerbals

Pablo Eskimo (Scotland)

I promised to play “Bunny Boiler” last week but there was an issue with the file and I couldn’t play it, so this week it’s going on for sure.
This is a new recording of the version that was part of an unsigned band contest I ran back in 2010, and is on the band’s 2013 album Dawn Of The Eskimo. There is a brilliant video on Youtube that you really should check out.  Find them on pabloeskimo.bandcamp.com/

Chris Millington (Local North Devon)

I’m sitting here with my unsigned band music on shuffle and “Riding a Bicycle” by Chris Millington came on.  It’s a very jolly track from a popular local folk musician so I thought I’d let you enjoy it as well http://www.reverbnation.com/chrismillington

Daylight Saving (Kent)

Another artist who I first heard as a result of doing an unsigned band competition in 2010, and this track “Sunshine Is a State of Mind”  manages to be both happy and sad at the same time. The core of the band Kate (vocals/flute) and Richard (guitars) are still going as a duo and can be found at http://www.daysave.co.uk/

Jax (Local North Devon)

Jackie Gibbins is another of many local artists with a stunning voice and huge talent. I’ve been playing her cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine but I think I had better move on and give you a taste of her own stuff, so here’s Suddenly Sunshine from her album of the same name. http://www.reverbnation.com/jackiegibbins

Bison (Sheffield)

Sheffield based 11 piece ska band Bison have a back catalogue of five stupendous albums. I’d really love to see them play a gig in North Devon but it won’t be easy getting 11 musicians and all their gear from Yorkshir to Devon. I need a festival to book them so here’s a great little festival tune called “Pear Cider” listen out for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air parody, it’s quality. www.facebook.com/bisonsisbisons

One Man Boycott (local North Devon)

Love this guy, Joe Brewer. He’s been on Street Live with Roy Grimes recently. He makes a lot of noise as a one man band, and has a massive tour taking him all over the place including Europe. “Fingers Crossed” is  the opening track from his album/EP “I’ll Love You For the Rest of Our Days” www.onemanboycott.com

Troy Faid

Leeds based Troy Faid is one of the finest guitarists I’ve ever met. He has played a couple of gigs in Ilfracombe and impressed local musos with his talents. I’ve managed to get him back to North Devon in May. he’s playing at Lilicos in Barnstaple so it should be easier for more people to see him perform.


Olli’s Radio show

Olli on the radio

Sun 26th Jan 2014

Last week I wasn’t very well prepared because once again I didn’t do one of these articles about the show.

Writing it all down helps me to plan and focus and having it written down means I can refer to it during the show.

Listen online


Notes to self

The Voice local radio for North Devon, on Digital, on DAB and across North Devon on FM 106.1 and 107.8

Thanks to Anna Takken for her show.

Getting involved and contacting the show

I can’t do requests but I can dedicate a song to somebody and name check people who get in touch. Also need to know any major traffic incidents or breaking news in the region if you can.

  • Telephone the studio on 01271 323 010
  • Text the word VOICE plus your message to 66010 don’t forget your name if you want a namecheck
  • Tweet @thevoicefm
  • Facebook /thevoicenorthdevon or /olliontheradio
  • Email studio@thevoicefm.co.uk

More unsigned bands

I’ve been given the go ahead to play a few more unsigned bands each week which is great news. Thanks must go to the bands that I have already played, and also to the listeners who have taken the trouble to tweet, share, like, text, email and phone about the bands I have been playing.

Some are existing fans of the bands but others are regular listeners who just enjoy the music.  Either way it is all good.

Bands being featured this week.

Saints of Sin

I saw this band perform at the Chill Bar on Sat 18th Jan and they were amazing. I bought a CD with two tracks on it and I will play one on the show. The band are from Southampton and can be found at www.facebook.com/saintsofsinUK their style is classic hair metal, but they do it so well, the image, the playing, the stage presence and the songwriting are all top notch.

Upcoming local gigs, Friday 22nd Feb at the Chill Bar, Ilfracombe

Canyon Ryde

I didn’t play Phil Masters’ band last week so I think it deserves another spin this Sunday. Canyon Ryde played at the Prince of Wales on Friday 17th Jan and were superb. Really want to play “Beyond Lies the Open Sea” but it is quite long so I probably won’t have time. Their facebook is www.facebook.com/pages/Canyon-Ryde/264362433627711

Upoming local gigs,


This is a band from Bideford the lead singer is Phil Saunders, who I met while doing the North Devon Musos, Beatles evening last year.

They are a three piece alt indie outfit and I heard Lee Wardle play them on his show last week, which reminded me I needed to play them on my show.  www.facebook.com/CaptalMusic

Upcoming gigs, Captal are at the Champ, Appledore on the 22nd March and the Factory, Petroc on 26th of April that’s a big “gigathon” in aid of North Devon Hospice.

Mustn’t forget the girls

Kiera Osment

Kiera is a stalwart of The Voice street live. She is still only fourteen and has the voice and mental maturity of a very talented adult. Her songs are melancholy and I continually go on at her to write me a happy song.  If she ever does I want to be the first to play it on the show.


Upcoming local gigs 

  • Tuesday, 25 February The Bowling Green, Exeter
  • Friday, 28 February  Supporting Secret Lie, St Peters Church – Ilfracombe
  • Friday, 21 March Lusty Glaze, Newquay, Cornwall
  • Sunday, 6 April 11:00, Cafe at 36, Exeter
  • NORTH DEVON GIGATHON FOR NORTH DEVON HOSPICE. Saturday, 26 April The Factory Petroc


Jackie Gibbins who is also in the band iFunk, has done a sublime cover of Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child o’ Mine that I think deserves another play out.


A couple more bands to add


From just outside Bude, Littermouth have an eclectic rock sound with hints of other genres thrown in. I have played “Bullets in Bed” a few times but at eight minutes I really need to go with something a bit shorter. “Every Day Every Way is just three and a half minutes and really funky.  www.facebook.com/Littermouth

Upcoming gigs 

  • Sat 1st Feb The Carriers Inn, The Strand, Bude
  • Sat 15th March The Final of – BigUpBude Talent Show at Budehaven Community School, Bude
  • Fri 21 March Preston Gate Inn,Poughill, Nr. Bude


Rolin Humes

A four piece from Croatia with an almost indescribable sound. it is not that unusual but just doesn’t exactly fit any genre. it does however have a similarity to Billy Joel which makes them alright in my book.

The New Messiahs

With as much in common with Paul McCartney as Rolin Humes have with Billy Joel this is a wonderfully musical band with a great big sound. I find myself identifying with a great deal of what they sing about as well.  www.facebook.com/newmessiahs


I discovered this band when i asked for suggestions of bands like Tankus The Henge and Bison. My son came up with these guys.  They are from Scotland but don’t hold that against them.

The track “Do All Dogs go To Heaven” starts off seemingly like a straightforward ska tune. not bad but nothing amazing, but then they slow it right down and then let rip at frenetic pace giving the whole thing some great dynamics.  www.facebook.com/bombskare

Pablo Eskimo

Bunny Boiler is a nice short song from another Scottish band. It was one of the finalist entries in a competition I ran in 2010 but this is a re-recording done last year. www.facebook.com/pages/Pablo-Eskimo/75270856121


I promised myself I would play some Spyplane this week. In particular I want to let the listeners hear J’Adore (or “The French Song” as it is often known) It’s got some grreat time signature changes as an infectious laugh at the end from the adorable Sherrie Tappenden.

Possible new feature next week.

I’m hoping to do a brand new feature starting next week.
And I REALLY hope you will start coming up with suggestions for me to play.

Gone but not forgotten, forgotten but not gone.

Two songs back to back

The first one is a classic track from an artist who is sadly no longer with us. It could be anybody from Elvis to Amy Winehouse, or Jimi Hendrix to Kirsty MacColl.

The second is from an artist who is still around and making music but is being ignored by the mainstream. Now I am really going to need your help here because I have a few great ideas but not enough to keep it going for a long time.

Here are a few examples to get your minds working

  • Katrina Leskanich of Katrina and the Waves
  • Hazel O’Connor who wrote and starred in the film Breaking Glass
  • The Alarm, suggested by Greg from punk covers band “Falling Apart”

I know there are stacks more but I will want your ideas and suggestions to keep this feature going.





Saint Of Sin – Live Review

Saints of Sin
Hair metal

Chill Bar Ilfracombe Sat 18th Jan 2014

We interrupt this ongoing track-by-track review of XRP radio album to bring you news of an incredibly good young hair metal band from Southampton.

From a chance text …

My friend was walking past the Chill Bar last night, around 7.30 in the evening and he heard the band soundchecking. He thought they sounded pretty good and sent me a text, as he knows I like a nice tune.

He said

I’m just walking past Chill Bar … Saints Of Sin, sound OK, for a person that’s not into that kind of music. Guns N’ Roses style.

I have translated his text speak into English.

Rubbish on telly

Well the TV on a Saturday is specifically aimed at driving music lovers out of the house and good for them. It could have been X-Factor or BGT, but at this time of year it is the BBC’s “The Voice” (not to be confused with the vastly superior “The Voice FM” in North Devon)  So after me calling Tom Jones a moron for the fourth time my wife was practically begging me to go to the pub.
I like it when a plan comes together.

Not a promising start

So off I toddled the hundred and fifty yards to the Chill Bar from my house and ordered a diet coke, because I am a great big fat git who has decided to lose weight live on the radio.
(If you ever get the chance to diet live on air, go for it. There is nothing like knowing you have to weigh yourself for the listeners on your show to make you pass up a pint of beer.)

Saints Of Sin, promotional picture

Promo image taken from the band’s Facebook page.

So anyway, I got there around half nine, and the band were generally milling about in the corner of the room, chatting and applying hairspray to their enormous haystacks of hair. I did vaguely wonder if this was going to be worth bothering with but my friend John Forster who does “Dr. John’s Unsigned Rock show” told me they were good and I could hardly sneak off when folks had seen me come in. In shiny spandex, with slashes in the legs, and leopard-skin prints they looked every bit the hair metal band but could they play?

I needn’t have worried

It was just after ten when they finally got on stage. There was a recorded intro, very theatrical, and they lined up with their backs to the audience facing the drummer as they built the excitement. It could all have been so embarrassing if they were not such fantastic musicians.

Onstage at one of the larger venues that they should be playing in every night.

Onstage at one of the larger venues that they should be playing in every night.
(image from their facebook page)

It was well worth the wait. From the moment they started, to the end of the night (midnight) they never once let up, putting on a show as if they were on a big stage and playing to thousands of people.  There were barely twenty people in the place at the start. More drifted in as they do there, but it is inevitable that the turnout would be poor for a new originals band in town.

The band were immensely energetic; jumping in unison, high kicks, moving around the cramped environment of the Chill Bar with synchronicity and style. All the front guys were wireless and frequently left the stage area to mingle with the slowly growing audience.

But as one of my friends commented on Facebook

Unfortunately i’m not taken in by gimmicks Olli, did they back it up without being cheese?

Well yes they most certainly did.


Saints Of Sin are

  • Rui Brito – Lead Vocals
  • Marcus Jenkins – Lead Guitar
  • Matt Spencer – Lead Guitar
  • Ashley Jenkins – Lead Bass
  • Josh Rose – Lead Drums


And of yes, when they say “Lead drums” and Lead bass” they are not kidding.
Original song “Animal” (not the Def Leppard song) followed by one you’ll know.

Musically superb

This is not the kind of band that is “all about the guitarist” or any other individual band member. it is an awe inspiring team of seriously together musicians who have honed their skills to the highest degree. It is most certainly not style over substance but a realisation that if the music is to be given the best chance of succeeding then there must also be a show.

The songwriting is highly accomplished as well (I am going to have to consult a thesaurus soon to find alternatives to superb, brilliant, excellent, etc) Any one of their songs could, and indeed did, sit quite happily alongside the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, etc.

Saints Of Sin played a smattering of covers in among their own material. All of them were well known tracks that you could sing along to,  “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” “Livin’ On A Prayer” “You Shook Me All Night Long” “Sweet Child Of Mine” etc but this audience could be seen and heard singing along to the band’s own material, and in the end, up and dancing to it as well.  Now bear in mind that this was the band’s first visit to Ilfracombe and you get an idea of how engaging the songs and the band are.

I cannot fault this band

There is no downside, unless you are just not interested in rock music. They have the image, the presence, the talent, and the songs.
On top of that, they have their PR and management (Rosebud) organised properly. The Facebook page has getting on for a thousand likes already, great images, and plenty of information.

There is a link to that all important thing, a proper official website which looks really well put together. Simple effective and punchy with navigation to the most important bits, the bio and gig list, prominent.

From there you also find links to Twitter and, alright I have finally found something to criticise. The Twitter header image is aligned so that the twitter icon image is right over singer Rui’s face. Ha ha ha that’s how hard it is to find anything about this band that is not already perfect.

Oh yes, they have a Youtube profile as well as you can obviously tell from the fact that I shared a video of theirs.

And there is Reverbnation, although I haven’t found a  Bandcamp page for them. I like Bandcamp. I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t think anybody lets you keep as much of your money from music sales as they do. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.



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Apologies for so few posts

Been very busy

Sorry to anyone (is there anyone) who is a regular reader of this blog.

I have a ton of articles lined up to write mostly about XRP radio’s Journey Through Genres album tracks. But for most of the last week I have been working on two new websites.

One is for my own band, The Buzz 

The other is for my sister in law’s newly opening hotel The Torrs Hotel in Ilfracombe

The former is taking shape rather more easily then the latter but I think I will eventually overcome the difficulties of getting live bookings on there, one way or another.

I hope to get back on the band reviewing trail soon.

Vulpes by Podracer

Track 5 on “Journey Through The Genres”
XRP Radio’s 61 track sampler album

See tracklisting here

Buy Journey Through The Genres on Bandcamp.

Stand out track

Vulpes by Podracer is a huge stand out track for me on an album which is inevitably taking a long time to digest properly. So many tracks, that it takes several hours to listen to it all through once, and how can you judge any music satisfactorily on first listening?

Vulpes kicks of at full speed, with a very catchy “tick tick tick tick tick BOOM” refrain and lyrics like “all around the world the majority scream shout and holler, while good folk die to keep a barrel of oil under a hundred dollar-s

podracerThe sentiments in the song are very much in keeping with my own feelings, and fall into line with the likes of Green Day, and RATM, who this band resemble briefly in different parts of the song. They also put me in mind of Djevara, who also have similarities to RATM, among others.

This song seriously strains to get out of the speakers and grab you by the throat until you swear that you care about the thinning ozone layer, and rising sea levels more than the self created imaginary threat of international terrorism. And I do. I did before and it is nice to hear a supporting voice from this band.

podracerParkingCarsEach time I listen to them I have to check and re-check where they are from. Is it OC California, is it Desmoines Iowa;  New Jersey;  New York?
Nope, they are from Dundalk, Ireland.

The pace is frenetic, you can certainly dance to this … well jump around like a lunatic at any rate. And, for old farts like me there is a really quiet slow bit in the middle (to get my breath back) with a subtle build up, taking it back to full on mosh pit tempo and volumes before a brilliant, absolutely BRILLIANT finish that is SO radio friendly. I played this on the show on Sunday and really enjoyed it especially joining in the last pianissimo rallentando ticks at the end before launching into the next link.

Podracer are

  • Alan Anderson – Vocals Guitar
  • Damien Carroll- Bass Vocals
  • Colin Berrill – Drums

They have a full album “Parking Cars and Pumping Gas” available on Bandcamp for 8 Euros (£6-£7)

Ooh, I’ve just noticed they have even taken the trouble to add the lyrics to Bandcamp. I am quite keen on knowing the lyrics, because of course I like to sing along. So it’s great when the band goes to the trouble of writing them down. As you can see they are pretty damn god lyrics too.

Global dimming, the ozone thinning,
The war on drugs but the dealer’s winning,
A fourteen year old with a gun in his hand,
It’s right here. it’s right now but I don’t understand
why headline news in America
Means the same headline news everywhere.
Selling everyone their American dream,
Well we all saw corpses float in New Orleans


Tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM
Click click click click click click BANG

Now stop me if I’m wrong but it seems kinda funny,
We’re acting more stupid as we make more money.
The oceans rise, another African dies.
“Top story – Al Qaeda” What a surprise!


Tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM
Click click click click click click BANG


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Olli’s Radio Show Sunday 12th Jan 2014

Olli On The Radio 12-01-2014
The Voice of North Devon

3.00 – 6.00 pm Oline and on DAB

Another Sunday has come round and once again I don’t feel prepared. Writing these articles about what I plan to do helps me to stay focussed and of course I can refer to them when I am in the studio.

I didn’t do one for the last two weeks, although I did start one for last week and it is still in the “drafts” section of the blog.

Olli’s Diet

The big question today is, of course, how is my diet coming along. I weighed myself live on air on Sunday 29th December and I weighed 15 stone 12 lbs 

Weigh in last Sunday 5th January I was 15 stone 6 lbs so off to a great start with a 6lb loss.

What will I weigh this afternoon?  Listen in to the middle hour of the show for the result.

Unsigned Music

The most important part of the show for me is the six unsigned tracks that I am allowed to chose to play for you.

The recent release of XRP radio’s Journey Through The Genres album gives me a wealth of new material to introduce you to, much of it new material from bands that I have already played in 2013 so I will be picking six tracks from the 61 on the album.

Vulpes by Podracer
Hard edged Pop Punk / Alt Rock from Dundalk Ireland.
Afraid Of The Dark [live] by Sound Of The Sirens
Beautiful harmonies and acoustic guitar from two beautiful young ladies from Exeter
Can’t Stop Lovin’ You [Live] by Kitty and the Lost Boys
Live track from this Plymouth and London based blues/rock/pop band, led by Kitty Arrabella
Play With Fire by 68-75
From Atlanta Georgia, female fronted band with Humble Pie influences and a Janis Joplin-esque lead singer.
Topaz by Paint Box
Punchy funky base driven classic rock from Philadelphia PA
Patience by US (the band)
I can’t play Fallen Satellite (the track on the album) because there is a naughty word in it.