Spidey – Over The Cliff – review

Track 4 from XRP Radio
Journey Through The Genres

Spidey are an Alt Garage LoFi Punk band playing original loud dirty pretty songs; according to their Facebok Page

They consist of

  • Selina B  -Vocals & Guitars
  • Michael – Bass
  • Major Ron – Drums

I will be trying to review and share all the tracks on the “Journey Through The Genres” album. As such I am bound to break my rule of only reviewing music that I like. I am making this exception because it is XRP radio, and the deal with them is that everything has merit, even if it isn’t to one’s own personal taste.  You can buy the entire album from Bandcamp here – 61 tracks for £7 which is just over 11p per track.

The lo-fi approach is not really to my personal taste. It is very much a matter of personal opinion, as previously stated, and this is good of its kind. There is a raw simple quality. The riffs and rhythms  are straightforward and unassuming.  This is music for crowdsurfing; for jumping around and crashing into people to. It doesn’t have a broad “family” appeal but to those who it is aimed at, it hits the spot.

If you like this then you can find more of their tracks on their Bandcamp.

Spidey are from Melbourne, Australia. You can keep in touch with them via Twitter and, of course, there is their Facebook Page.


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A test of my SEO skills

Getting my new band website ranked

Calling our new covers band “The Buzz” was always going to create a challenge, getting it to the front page of Google.

Well I like a challenge so I have already got stuck in. Read on to see what I have done so far. It will take a week or so for any of this to have any effect.

Of course when I Google anything the search engine will bias results based on my previous browsing so it will probably come up higher for me than others, so I won’t be too satisfied until I can get the band close to the top result.

Defining success

The main search terms that are important to me are

  • The Buzz
  • The Buzz band
  • The Buzz Devon
  • Covers band Devon
  • Rock covers band

I expect there are some others but that’s a good start.

The main sites I want to see near the top are 

Later on, if we get any usable video we might have Youtube and I am expecting our bass players to set up a Lemonrock profile since he had one before with his old band.

Getting working links to your most important websites is one way of improving search engine rankings. It is vastly better however for those links to come from big sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc; than from dodgy little link farm sites which can actually reduce your site’s credibility for crawlers.

So what are the top sites in the world?

The top 25 sites worldwide are as follows. Many of them will be familiar to you, and quite a few allow you to create a band profile and link to your website on them.

  1. google.com
  2. facebook.com
  3. youtube.com
  4. yahoo.com
  5. baidu.com
  6. wikipedia.org
  7. qq.com
  8. taobao.com
  9. amazon.com
  10. live.com
  11. sina.com.cn
  12. twitter.com
  13. hao123.com
  14. Baidu
  15. 163.com
  16. blogspot.com
  17. google.co.in
  18. linkedin.com
  19. weibo.com
  20. tmall.com
  21. ebay.com
  22. wordpress.com
  23. 360.cn
  24. yandex.ru
  25. yahoo.co.jp
  26. bing.com

List from http://www.alexa.com/topsites

Progress report

So far, I have created a website for the band, riding piggy back on www.gubic.co.uk this is not the ideal circumstance but I am not really willing to spend money on a proper URL for this at the moment. It does have one advantage in that GUBIC is already in the top five million sites and is indexed by Google. The very next time the robots crawl the site they will pick up the new links and the page will be indexed.

Main social media sites set up

Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and Myspace are up and running. All of them have the URL extension /bandthebuzz  The Buzz is not just the name of a number of other bands, but it is also a TV programme, and various other things besides so all the best ones are long taken.  Keeping a consistent filename makes it easier for fans who cross platforms.

All these sites have links to all the other sites. Unless there is another very good reason for having a social media site then I wouldn’t bother with more than FB and Twit. But the others that allow me to cross link all my sites are worth setting up. On RN and MS I have added a note telling potential fans that the profiles are not regularly maintained or checked and telling them to go to Facebook or the website.

Band Listing Sites

I have also added The Buzz details to one or two band listing sites, band-me-up and Band Directory. There are others that I will probably add in time.

What’s Next?

I don’t have to submit my site to search engines. Providing the site is linked to from an already indexed site then it WILL be found. Don’t waste your time with site submission tools, you don’t need them

I do need to add links to some other important and influential sites as well though.

www.dmoz.org is a human maintained website catalogue indexed by strict categories. Many search engines rely on it because of it’s no nonsense unbiased listing policies. You should ONLY submit your main website to DMOZ. 
Google +
Lots of people have a google+ profile that they don’t use. I mostly only use mine to add links to my websites.
Obviously it makes more sense when we have some video to upload to YouTube but it might be worth getting the band profile set up anyway just so that it is ready, and I can then add a link back to my sites.
I believe that it might be worth setting up a Yahoo Group, again if only to facilitate adding another backlink. yahoo.com is the fourth biggest website on the planet. 
Well we haven’t achieved sufficient notoriety to be included on Wikipedia, and sites like Amazon and Ebay don’t let you add back links. I see little point in listing on Chinese or Russian sites, no matter how huge they are.
However, getting back links from wordpress.com and blogspot is simply a case of finding relevant blogs that use those platforms and posting relevant and interesting comments that pertain to the post, and adding just ONE URL. (This should ensure it goes past the spam filter and gets approved)

If you want to see if this has worked, check the date (this article published 8th Jan 2014) and do a search for “The Buzz band Devon” on Google and see if it comes up.

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Swampstomper – Dirty Black Boots

Track 1 on
Journey Through The Genres
from XRP radio

I’ve been meaning to “introduce” Swampstomper for a while now and just haven’t got round to it.

So here is a toe in the water with this track which is also available from the band’s Bandcamp for 60p or the whole six track album for £2

However I would recommend you buy the XRP radio album which has 61 tracks for £7 as you get a great introduction to a whole host of different bands, including plenty of heavy ones.

“Dirty Black Boots” is a superb first track to any album having as it does a motorcycle followed by footsteps before the riff kicks in. It’s like Club Tropicana for real men.

The song itself is fairly straightforward riff driven hard rock that would sound at home alongside Judas Priest, or Alice Cooper for example.

From their Facebook page I find that Swampstomper are

  • Paul Brightman on vocals & guitar
  • Jason Spencer on lead guitar
  • Kevin Hutchins on bass
  • Drew Gilby on Drums

There is a Wix website at http://www.swampstomper.co.uk though I am not a fan of Wix it is better than not having a website at all.

They also have a Reverbnation profile in case you like that platform. There doesn’t seem to be a Twitter account or Soundcloud for the band. (I’m getting into Twitter lately after much influence from respected friends)

You could be forgiven for expecting Swampstomper to be from the USA, but they are actually from around Chatham in Kent.


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Loud Music makes people drink more booze

Tell the landlord

Booking a gig? Don’t forget to remind them that it is a scientifically proven fact that loud music gets people to drink more beer.

When I was in Led Zep Too, we played a regular gig on a Thursday evening at the Red Lion in Stevenage. One night the landlord’s son told us that the wet sales had broken all previous records. The previous best night had been for a wake after the funeral of a popular regular.

The landlord’s son was named Steve Miller, and so we asked him if he would say that Led Zep Too was better than a funeral. He agreed, but we persisted, asking him if he would actually say those actual words, “Led Zep Too are better than a funeral” so that we could quote him. He obliged and the next day our website said

“Better than a funeral” Steve Miller.

We knew then instinctively, something that Portsmouth university researchers discovered years later. That loud rock music is conducive to beer drinking. We just didn’t know why.

Intriguingly, despite our punters consuming extraordinary quantities of alcohol we also seldom had any trouble. I strongly believe that this is due to the kind of person who enjoys quality rock music. Far from being greasy thugs, most classic rock fans are accountants, lawyers, and indeed funeral directors.  They simply don’t need trouble. Even when we played biker pubs there was little to worry about, although the same did not apply to anyone foolish enough to upset the bikers themselves, the trouble was short lived and happened mainly outside.

So if you can, turn up the volume to 11 and tell the landlord that you are doing them a favour. And make sure you get paid!


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Promoting yourself online – cross linking

I can’t stress this enough
link to ALL your sites
from all your sites

Come on folks, this is so basic. If you are in a band, make sure every single one of your sites has links to every other.

  • Facebook allows unlimited URLs in the “About” section
  • Twitter is a bit limited so use it to link to your most important site
  • Youtube has no limits
  • Soundcloud and Reverbnation actively encourage you to link to common social media platforms and your own website
  • WEBSITE – You should have your own website. Stick links to all your other platforms in the header and or footer of every page
  • Lemonrock allows you to provide at least one external link
  • Myspace – I haven’t used Myspace for years but I can’t believe it doesn’t let you provide external links.

If you have any other sites and you can’t add your cross links then you should probably dump it and stop wasting your time.

Please do this, not only for me because when I write about a band I want to be able to find your stuff, but also for yourselves because every in link increases the chances of people finding you sites when they search on Google.

Tracklisting for Journey Through The Genres

With 61 tracks this deserves a new post

A fair few of them I have written about previously and will no doubt do so again in the near future.

You can buy this album from Bandcamp for £7

See my review here

  1. Swampstomper – Dirty Black Boots 04:01
  2. Big Rhino – Perfect Guy 03:25
  3. Luis Drayton – Gadget Hack-Wrench Suck 03:47
  4. Spidey – Over The Cliff 02:56
  5. Podracer – Vulpes 03:00
  6. Philtrum – Switchstance 02:45
  7. Expected Boy – Until Day Breaks 03:44
  8. Billy Brown – Piece Of My Life 02:49
  9. Kitty & The Lost Boys – Can’t Stop Lovin’ You [Live] 06:43
  10. Sound Of The Sirens – Afraid Of The Dark [Live] 04:03
  11. iScat – Escape 03:42
  12. IceCrystalls – City Lights 04:11
  13. The Hundred Hand Band – Mornin’ Music in the Summertime 02:22
  14. Scofidio & Glazier – Travelling Sam 04:34
  15. Matthew Meadows – Rango The Dog – Smokehouse 03:13
  16. 68-75 – Play With Fire 02:32
  17. Paint Box – Topaz 03:03
  18. EightUp – Turn Her On 02:25
  19. The Bloody Thumbs – One Hit Wonder 03:59
  20. The Lost Will Follow – I Can’t Beleive 03:29
  21. Man On Earth – Bombs Around Me 03:30
  22. Million Empire – Don’t Get Me Started 03:30
  23. Attic Noise – Наш’та песен 03:59
  24. Lucks Lane – A Million Hours 03:28
  25. SilverSpark – Something About You 03:19
  26. Icca’s Belle – Long Way Home 05:43
  27. Defy All Reason – Behind Those Eyes 05:19
  28. Sister Satellite – Photograph 02:58
  29. Primer – When I Fall 03:18
  30. Rip Tyde – Another World 04:31
  31. Sonic State Capital – Just A Game 04:32
  32. Benzokayn – God Mode 05:24
  33. Tavú – A System Without Honour 03:52
  34. For The kill – Demons 03:03
  35. Without Regret – Leaving The Nest 03:43
  36. Iodine Sky – So Far Away 03:10
  37. Vegas Death Rays – Sick Love 04:59
  38. Evasion – To Hate The One You Love 04:28
  39. The Purge – Serbian Hangover 04:27
  40. Matrekis – Fist To The Face 02:50
  41. Ithomiid – Crown 04:37
  42. Descendsion – Death March 04:40
  43. XAD – Slut (feat Vicky Lovecat) 04:59
  44. Darling Serpents – On The Wire 03:40
  45. Final Coil – Waste Your Time 04:26
  46. Rolin Humes – In Flame 03:56
  47. Us – Fallen Satellite 03:22
  48. Midnight Mosaic – Spotlight 04:22
  49. Underwater Gunfight – Lightning Martini Glass 02:59
  50. Giskard – Entertained 04:20
  51. The Infirmary – Bitter Truth Confessions 04:34
  52. 48 Hours Strong – Silver Edge 06:02
  53. Sober Mans Secret – Your Halo 03:27
  54. Deviation – Crossfire 03:48
  55. Night Wolf – Name Of Democracy 03:15
  56. Leemus – Big Time 04:15
  57. Parallax Faction – Dirty Bomb 05:32
  58. Mak Bullak AKA Dinozzo – Immortal 04:31
  59. SURGEn – Darko (vip) 05:43
  60. The Hollow Triangles – Rastatrack 05:39
  61. Dreamhour – The New Day Song

Bullets With Blue Eyes


2. check out  Bullets With Blue Eyes.

XRP Radio releases huge sampler compilation

Journey Through The Genres
61 Track sampler Album
for just £7 on Bandcamp

XRP radio is one of my favourite unsigned radio stations. Not just because they became symbiotic with GUBIC right from the start, but also because they maintain, to this day, a devil may care attitude to slick professionalism.

While almost every radio station you can name tries hard to conform to certain accepted norms, XRP still plays absolutely any genre of music and allows presenters almost unfettered freedom in putting their shows together.

The result is,  sometimes, a shambolic mess interspersed with a variety of music that you just will not get anywhere else. I have been introduced to bands I would never have heard anywhere else, and whiles some of them I would not give tuppence for, others jostle with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix on my audio player favourites.

This album, which is available from Bandcamp for the very reasonable price of £7 represents that variety and quality in spades offering tracks of excellent quality from as many genres as possible.

Normally you might hope to find this sort of thing offered for a name your own price deal, but there is a very good reason why this is not completely free.

Bear in mind that you get 61 full length high quality tracks for £7 which works out at 11.47p per track.

XRP radio has a pretty hefty bill for server time and doesn’t recoup that from advertising. They don’t really have any advertising despite having a respectable listenership, it is spread out around the world so is no use to local businesses, and not really large enough to interest Coca-Cola for example. So some of the money will offset server costs.

The majority of the profits made will however go towards future releases and if a certain threshold is reached then there will be enough to distribute among all the bands that have contributed tracks.

All in all, I think this is going to be one of the most important releases of 2014 and will certainly keep me busy on this blog.

Please buy a copy and help support XRP radio as much as they have supported unsigned music for the last three years and will continue to do so well into the future.

Full Track Listing Here





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My new band – The Buzz

Public launch of my band

A few months ago I was asked to join a new project with select local musicians. Two of the members were also in another very busy covers band (Ten Feet Tall) with a string of paid bookings.

Part of the reason for forming this new band was the somewhat strained relations in TFT and it was felt wise to keep quiet about The Buzz until the latest possible time.

TFT played their last gig on 31st December to a packed venue and bass player and band leader, Philip Perry, announced the end of TFT  on his Facebook page.

The Buzz consists of


  • Philip Perry – Bass
  • Dave Jones – Guitar
  • John Paul – Drums
  • Olli Tooley – Vocals

Rehearsals have focused on heavy rock from bands like AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest etc as well as the odd sixties classic from the Stones, Kinks, and Hendrix, plus one or two choice funk and soul numbers that can take a bit of rocking up.

In other words, it might get loud.

First gig is on 10th of January at the Preston Gate Inn, Poughill Rd. Poughill, Cornwall EX23 9ET

There are quite a few more gigs booked throughout the year across Devon and into Somerset and Cornwall, so a fair few readers may be able to catch up with us in 2014.


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Yazzy hopes to open Godney Gathering

Fourteen year old musical
prodigy needs your vote

The multi-talented, multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter, Yazzy, who I wrote about previously, is in with a chance of winning this prestigious opportunity to open up the main stage at the Godney Gathering in Glastonbury.

With 50 acts across 10 stages this is a big occasion for any unsigned artist. Over 50 unsigned artists are on the poll to vote for but Yazzy is one of three who are way out in front. However she does need some more votes to pull back into the lead she held earlier.

I know that not all my readers are from North Devon; far from it, but I would hope that one or two of them might consider getting behind an artist who at the tender age of fourteen is already adept on guitar, violin, and piano, as well as having excellent vocals, and writing many original songs that deserve an airing.

Here’s the link for the Facebook group which you have to join to vote in the poll. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheGodneyGatheringGlastonbury/

Hopefully that is not too great a hardship.