Record Labels

Record companies that might give you a deal

To be a growing list of companies with useful information


As I start this list it is going to be rather short. I’m not taking this from another source but building it from the ground up, adding them as I find out about them and including details about each, rather than just doing a blank list that will be daunting.

If you run a label and want to be included on the list please send as much detail as you can about your company and how you work, include links T&Cs and let me know if there are specific images you would like me to use for links. Thanks.


supersickSupersick Records

Set up by two musicians in North Devon, Supersick has a new and very different business model. Music lovers are able to join Supersick as either a free member or a paid member (at £2 per month)

Free members receive a sample track each month while paid members receive a full e.p. each month. They have a number of artists on their roster, inevitably including several other bands from North Devon, but also some from further afield including the U.S.A.



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