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Unsigned and independent originals artists

A list of the bands I’ve been writing about with links to articles
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  1. Brian Devlin says:


    I wanted to ask if you would have time to listen to a song link. We’ve been performing and recording for a while and are starting to pick up a bit of interest. Getting a little bit of airplay would be really encouraging. I would like to have your thoughts.
    We’re called Hunting Unicorns. It would mean a lot if you could consider playing something.
    best regards.

    Brian Devlin,

    Hunting Unicorns

  2. Hey, how’s it going? I’m Megan and I play guitar in My Remorse Code. We’re a 5-piece pop-rock band from Chicago and we just released our debut EP, Midwest Meltdown. We were wondering if you’d be interested in checking it out and maybe featuring some of our music. Thanks for your time!

  3. Steven says:

    Hello. i am a singer/guitarist/songwriter from glasgow and I will be releasing an EP with my band on November 1st 2013. we are looking for some exposure on the run up to its release and I would like to ask you to do a review/feature of the EP on your page, if possible? The recording wont be complete until October 20th, but if you get in touch I could send you a copy to have a listen. before its release. Thanks.

  4. Hi there!
    I am the lead vocalist/drummer with Eject Pilot Eject. We are a three piece rock/pop band based in South Wales. We have a single due for release at the end of November – “If You’re Listening” and have just released our first album “Echoes Shadows and Ghosts. It’s an exciting time for us, and it would be awesome if you could give us a listen and a review. You can listen to the album in full here: https://ejectpiloteject.bandcamp.com/
    More links and info is available at http://www.ejectpiloteject.com

    Thank you for your time!
    I Look forward to hearing from you, and best of luck with the site!

    Sarah, Eject Pilot Eject

    Over and Out.

  5. Juan Cabrer says:

    Hi Oliver: I visited the blog and liked it. I would be interested in submitting Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society for your blog consideration.

    You are welcome to check out Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society at:


    Thanks for your attention. Have a great day!

  6. Alex Davis says:


    My name is Alex and I am a guitarist and I have been releasing my music lately online and I just thought maybe your blog would be interested in giving my music a listen. It mostly acoustic and electronic music (opposite ends of the spectrum I know) and I hope you enjoy it.

    Here is my soundcloud link:

    I hope you like my sounds.

    Thanks for your consideration,


    • Kingdon says:

      Hi Alex, I was very interested in your stuff, and then I got my head up my bum a bit lately and haven’t done any work.
      I need a bit of a kick (to dislodge my head?) and then I will get onto it. Probably, unless I just forget.
      Oh for some happy pills and a big pile of cash!

  7. Phil Lewis says:


    My name is Phil Lewis and I’m an unsigned artist from South Wales.

    On 20th January, I will be releasing an EP called Age of Nothing. A few of the songs from this EP are steaming on my Soundcloud page here: https://soundcloud.com/phil-lewis-uk

    If you had the time to give the tracks a listen it would be much appreciated.


  8. Starseedz says:

    Hi there
    my name is Catrine…one half of duo starseedz. We have been playing and recording and making a bit of an impact in north london. Would love you to pop by our soundcloud and have a listen and perhaps play a tune or two

    Warm regards


  9. Brian says:

    My name is Brian Cannon and my company is called Microdot I am a graphic art and album designer and photographer. Some of my work previously includes:
    Definitely Maybe, (OASIS)
    What’s the story morning glory (OASIS)
    Be here now (OASIS)
    Urban hymns (VERVE)
    and many more
    The reason I am contacting you, is because I am looking after a band called “Bullets with blue eyes” they have been compared to The Clash, Public Image, and Big Country amongst others .

    I haven’t backed many bands since Oasis but theses lads are on the money.

    Here is there sound cloud link


    Any interest , you can contact me via this email
    Many thanks
    Brian Cannon

    • Kingdon says:

      Hi Brian, sorry for taking so long even to check out this band, nevermind responding to your comment.
      Thank you for drawing my attention to this act, they sound brilliant.
      My very early impressions is that there are elements of everything from The Clash to Toots and the Maytalls, with a dash of Beatles in there as well as many other elements.
      I do hope that doesn’t sound insane.
      Will definitely want to do some more research into these guys.

  10. Hello,

    We are Jekyll, a Blackpool based four piece alternative rock band who have such influences as Muse, Radiohead, Editors, Maximo Park, Bloc Party and many more, check out our Facebook:


    Or listen to our 5 track EP on SoundCloud:


    Thanks for your time,

    Lewis Armistead


  11. Kingdon says:

    Hi Lewis, instantly enjoyed “My Oh My” it is about halfway through as I write this.
    Very first impressions, it reminds me of umm, Shed 7, Inspiral Carpets, Sea Horses, … dare I say it, Stone Roses?
    Very fresh very vibrant, musical melodic and uplifting.
    I’ll definitely queue it up for an article soon.

  12. Hey there,

    My name is Jordan, lead guitarist for Ten Minute Detour. We’re a band from Calgary, Canada and we just released our first EP by the same name. We’re huge fans of the UK music scene, which happened to lead us to this very page. We’re an indie garage rock band, influences are Kings of Leon, Led Zeppelin, Peal Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Arctic Monkeys and Black Keys. Hope you enjoy our stuff!

    Here’s our facebook and bandcamp.



    Thanks a lot for your time man! Cheers,


  13. Chris Good says:

    Love the blog, what a great find.

    While I get stuck into digging around, perhaps you’d be happy to take a peek at my debut album, launched on Radio Devon and BBC Introducing, Devon on 1st Feb. Links to Spotify are on my site. http://www.goodbyname.co.uk

    Thank ye!

    Chris Good

    • Kingdon says:

      Hi Chris, if you see this, I have downloaded the track “Would You Sail With Me”
      I like it and will try to give it a spin on my radio show in North Devon.
      I can’t buy track on iTunes, so if you have a bandcamp site, or failing that Amazon, I will check out your other stuff.
      Thanks for commenting and sorry to have taken so long to respond.

  14. Hi, we are The Inkhearts,
    Band Members: Lauren Shaw – Vocals/guitar, Ryan Ward – Guitar, Ben Warburton – Bass, Matthew Wright – Drums
    With three members aged just seventeen and one aged eighteen, The Inkhearts’ music screams enthusiasm and teenage energy.
    Citing influences like The Vaccines, Two Door Cinema Club and The Libertines, the band are well
    versed in the art of mainstream indie pop but our intricately layered tracks have got an individualism
    that sets our sound apart, giving us an identity all of our own.


    • Kingdon says:

      Hi guys, sorry, I’ve been completely off the boil here.
      Just checking out your tracks on Soundcloud and like them a lot.
      Can’t download them and I don’t do iTunes.
      Have you got a Bandcamp page (it’s the best for artists and fans in my humble opinion)
      Or failing that, Amazon.

  15. Charlie says:


    Just wondering whether you could possibly find a little time to take a listen to my first EP and give me a little feedback?

    Unbiased opinions are relatively hard to come by. Thank you in advance.

    It can be streamed from Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/charlieleavymusic/sets/best_damn_ride_ep

    Charlie 🙂

    • Kingdon says:

      Hi Charlie, just getting back in the blogging saddle at the moment.
      Thank you for commenting.
      I am listening to “The Way Life Is” and it’s pretty good in my opinion.
      Recording quality is good, can hear everything including the lyrics which is nice.
      I will start ploughing my way through the backlog of fantastic music that deserves being written about. Please feel free to jog my memory about you. The squeaky wheels gets the grease.

  16. Amory Blane says:

    Hi there!

    Was just wondering if you could find a moment to have a little listen to my band’s new record. We’re called Automation and we’ve got our debut album “You”re My Favourite Scary Movie” out for free download from Halloween.

    We’ve got out first video “Cutthroat Kisses” out on


    Got many more things to come in the countdown to Halloween and if you are interested in a review or mention of our stuff I can send you our press release with the rest of the album and videos?

    Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon


  17. Glenn Eastoe says:

    My band, The Simpletone are a 4 piece emerging rock band, playing our own unique brand of explosive modern melodic rock music. Please take a listen to our latest track, Black Box. We have already released two albums and have been support artists for New Model Army during their 2014 UK tour.


  18. brian cannon says:

    Hi my name is Brian Cannon
    I currently own a company called MicroDot.

    I’m currently looking after a band who have been brought to my attention called Bullets with Blue Eyes.

    Due to my past act’s that i’ve worked with i have never really backed anyone before, But i’m 100% behind these lads.

    The reason why i’m contacting you is that i’m looking for any kind of gigs , promotion, live interviews, or recorded sessions where this band can be heard by a wider audience.

    I have a few big contacts who want the right venue to see the band play and im hoping you might be able to give me a helping hand

    Really appreciate you taking time to read this and i hope to

    Look forward to hearing from you soon

    all the best

    Brian Cannon

    please check the link below and have a listen


  19. Chris Socrates says:

    How do I upload my bands tracks to your site

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